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Two years ago, Lydia was sleeping next to her husband when he had a heart attack. In the dark, Lydia knew something was wrong, but by the time they made it to the only hospital in the area – three hours away – it was too late.

Lydia’s world changed instantly. She lost her loving husband and her three children, Ridwan, 15, Rambu, 10, and Kudu, 3 lost their father, a man who had always protected and provided for them.

Now the roles of both parents fell to Lydia. In the months that followed they all suffered – the children were each sent home from school because Lydia could no longer afford to pay tuition. Often the entire family went hungry, with only a single serving of instant noodles to share between them.

With help from kind supporters like you, Lydia was able to start a new business selling groceries from a small shelf in her home. She sells items like soap, noodles, sugar rice and eggs. The children are now back in school and they’re eating proper meals again.

Before when I didn’t have a shop, I carried a heavy burden. But now the burden is gone."


This Christmas you can help give families like Lydia’s a hand up to grow their own businesses and turn their lives around.

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