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Whether it’s a trek, fun run or birthday page, create your own fundraiser to help break the cycle of poverty for mothers, fathers and children in need.

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How it works

Here are some easy-to-follow steps to create your own fundraiser.

1. Explore a Theme:

You can boost your fundraiser’s success by aligning it with a specific event or milestone. Below are some popular themes to consider:

  • Special Occasion Fundraisers

    Special Occasions

    Already have everything you need? Use your birthday, wedding or other special occasion to invite friends and family to donate instead!

  • Running Fundraisers

    Fun Runs

    Getting active with a fun run is a great way to get fit and make a difference!

  • Personal Challenge Fundraisers

    Personal Challenge

    Think you could go without coffee for a month? What about completing that epic bike ride you’ve always wanted to do? Choose a challenge that’s meaningful to you and ask friends and family to donate in support.

  • Corporate Fundraisers


    Unite your workplace with a goal to help families out of poverty! Hold a special event or run a workplace challenge.

2. Discover A Cause:

Which are you most passionate about?

  • Invest in Mothers

    Invest In

    Your fundraiser will invest in mothers and give them a hand up out of poverty. With small loans to start their own business, they’ll be able to provide food, clean water, proper shelter and education for their children.

  • Build Healthy Communities

    Build Healthy Communities

    Marginalised and vulnerable, families living in poor communities face immense challenges –illiteracy, life-threatening illness and child mortality. Your fundraiser will help strengthen communities in these areas, starting a ripple of transformation for the families that call them home.

  • Create Leaders


    Your fundraiser will empower men and women with new skills and confidence, helping them become leaders in their communities to bring about positive change. By investing in local leadership, you’ll be helping increase a community’s self-sufficiency for years to come.

  • Deliver Innovation

    Deliver Innovation

    In developing countries, families are often unable to access to the tools and resources they need to leave poverty behind because of barriers like geographic isolation. Your fundraiser will support innovations in areas such as technology, helping close these gaps.

  • Enhance Impact


    When your goal is to give families a hand up out of poverty, you want to be sure that what you’re doing is making a real difference. By supporting initiatives that assess the impact of programs, your fundraiser will be helping refine and enhance the impact of your support.

3. Determine a Goal:

How much would you like to raise? Consider the kind of impact you want to have, the number of people you think will support your fundraiser and how much they’re likely to contribute. Here are some options you might want to go for!

  • $500
  • $1,000
  • $5,000
  • $10,000

4. Share with Friends and Family:

Once you’ve started your fundraiser below, share your goal via email and social media with friends, family and others who can help you reach your target!