Curry @ the Commune

Fundraiser Image Come to the Commune for some delicious curry, then make a gift to Opportunity International as part of our Great Australian Curry.

At Opportunity, we give families the tools they need to work their way out of poverty so they can live safe, healthy lives, send their children to school and rewrite the future for generations to come.

Just $70 is enough to help a family receive a small loan, so they can build their businesses and grow their income.

About Opportunity International Australia

Opportunity International Australia enables you to invest in a mother living in poverty so that she can use a small loan to buy an item like a sewing machine and start a small business. For a family who can’t afford the basics, a gift of $70 can be life changing. With this hand up, a mother can put food on the table, send her children to school and transform her family’s future for generations. Mothers want what is best for their children, and as businesses become successful (98% of Opportunity’s loans are repaid), your help means they can make their dreams for their children come true.