International Care Ministries - Transforming the future of the ultrapoor

Fundraiser Image International Care Ministries (ICM) has been serving the ultra-poor in the Philippines since 1992. Today, ICM’s staff of around 500 partner with community leaders across 17 provinces to transform almost 100,000 lives each year. Leveraging on two decades of learning, ICM has concluded that hope is key when it comes to progress out of poverty. The cost-efficient, interactive four-month learning experience — “Transform”—is challenging the strongholds keeping people in poverty and cultivating opportunities for hope to grow.

Transform is specifically designed to meet the needs of families experiencing extreme poverty. The course runs with groups of 30 individuals from the poorest families in a community.

Transform facilitates new networks of supportive friendships for hope to grow. Each family becomes connected to two trainers, a local pastor, six volunteer counsellors and 29 fellow participants.

Together, this creates a network of 39 individuals who meet weekly for livelihoods and health training, to explore new businesses and implement new health and relationship strategies. Livelihood and health sessions taught by ICM staff are complemented by an optional Values curriculum taught by the local pastor. Learn more here -

At Opportunity, we believe every person has the right to reach their God-given potential. And just like us, people living in poverty have dreams and hopes. But while talent is universal and opportunity is not. Transform invites those living in ultra-poverty to hope for a better future and helps them to realise their own potential to reach it.

About Opportunity International Australia

Opportunity International Australia enables you to invest in a mother living in poverty so that she can use a small loan to buy an item like a sewing machine and start a small business. For a family who can’t afford the basics, a gift of $70 can be life changing. With this hand up, a mother can put food on the table, send her children to school and transform her family’s future for generations. Mothers want what is best for their children, and as businesses become successful (98% of Opportunity’s loans are repaid), your help means they can make their dreams for their children come true.