LOVE Foundation Perth

Fundraiser Image Indonesia is made up of nearly 17,000 islands, scattered to the north of Australia’s coastline. But against a backdrop of natural beauty, poverty is an everyday reality in many of its villages. ​ While the number of poor people living in Indonesia has declined in recent years, more than 100 million Indonesians continue to live in poverty (World Bank). That’s almost five times the population of Australia! ​ Families living in rural areas are among the poorest. In the rural islands of eastern Indonesia, three out of five households don’t have adequate sanitation facilities while over a third of the population has no access to electricity. In the low season, wells go dry and families struggle to find enough to eat. This situation often forces rural families to migrate to crowded city settlements – as of this year, nearly half of Indonesia’s poorest are expected to be living in urban slums. ​ By offering a hand up, LOVE Foundation helps families in Indonesia build their own businesses and begin their journey out of poverty.

About Opportunity International Australia

Opportunity International Australia enables you to invest in a mother living in poverty so that she can use a small loan to buy an item like a sewing machine and start a small business. For a family who can’t afford the basics, a gift of $70 can be life changing. With this hand up, a mother can put food on the table, send her children to school and transform her family’s future for generations. Mothers want what is best for their children, and as businesses become successful (98% of Opportunity’s loans are repaid), your help means they can make their dreams for their children come true.