Pay it 4-ward project

Fundraiser Image As a team we support people to create financial freedom and security. We mostly work with women by helping them set up their own home based business and show them how to live life by their own design through health, wellness and anti-aging.

We've been going strong for almost 4 years and in that time have helped hundreds of women provide extra income for their family households, pay off their mortgages, go on vacations around the world, pay for school fees or plan for a comfortable retirement.

We love that Opportunity International Australia's cause is so parallel to what we do in our business. They provide a hand up instead of a hand out to people in developing countries. A hand up through a small loan to start their own business while providing ongoing support and tools to help them succeed, become independent and feel empowered.

In our business we don’t pay for people to join nor do we pay for their business running costs. Instead we help them with the support, tools and training to become successful and independent so they can go on and pay it forward to others looking for more in life.

A handout will only last till the next handout; however a hand-up together with tools and knowledge last forever. This key difference makes it a never ending cycle. It’s like a ripple effect in the ocean.

*How we plan to make a difference: In the next 3 years (1095 days) as a team we want to help at least another 1250 people start their own home based business plus 500 in developing countries through Opportunity. Each time a new person joins our team we pay it forward through making a small donation towards our goal of $35,000.

*How you can help us make a difference: You can help us by either joining our team and the pay it 4ward project or you can make a direct donation to the cause. Donations of $2 or over are fully tax deductible. You can choose your own amount to donate, just enter your preferred gift amount in the box provided to the right of this page.

Together we can make a difference and have a huge impact around the world.

Help us help 500 people in the next 3 years (1095 days) start their own business to enable them to start living a life of security, a life filled with choices, a life of better health, a life of empowerment, a life of freedom.

This goal will only be the first ripple of the many lives impacted through Opportunity as loans are repaid they continue to pay it forward for generations to come.

The pay it 4-ward team

About Opportunity International Australia

Opportunity International Australia enables you to invest in a mother living in poverty so that she can use a small loan to buy an item like a sewing machine and start a small business. For a family who can’t afford the basics, a gift of $70 can be life changing. With this hand up, a mother can put food on the table, send her children to school and transform her family’s future for generations. Mothers want what is best for their children, and as businesses become successful (98% of Opportunity’s loans are repaid), your help means they can make their dreams for their children come true.