Cook up a favourite curry, share it with friends and raise funds to help give a hand up to families living in poverty!

How to get involved


Get Planning

Decide what kind of curry you want to cook and lock in a date for your event. You can share a spice night at home, host a curry cook-off at work or let the professionals do their thing by heading out to enjoy a curry at a restaurant – it’s completely up to you!


Create a Fundraiser

Follow a few easy steps to set up your fundraising page and goal.


Spread the Word

Invite your friends, family or colleagues along to enjoy your curry and show their support by donating through your fundraising page. Donations will help Opportunity reach out to families living in poverty in countries such as India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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Wait – why curry?

Too many people in the world live in poverty – and sadly, many of them right on our doorstep. Just past Australia’s shores, Asia is home to family after family who struggle to earn an income. As a result, they go without three meals a day, clean water, safe shelter and even school for their children.

Asia is also full of incredible curries – from the Korma Curry of India to the Green Curry of Thailand. Colourful dried spices hang in busy streets while the air is filled with the incredible aroma of street food and home cooking.

By sharing a curry with friends , we can celebrate the vibrancy of these countries while also giving a hand up to families in need. Every dollar raised will help Opportunity International Australia provide small loans to families in Asia, giving them the tools they need to start their own businesses, earn regular incomes and begin to leave poverty behind.

Resources (or re-sauces?!)


Find simple answers to your questions in our frequently asked questions.


Find out everything you need to know to take part in the Great Australian Curry.


Download our ready-to-use posters, place cards and food tags to help decorate your event and put everything in its place!

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Donation Form

Print out donation forms to collect donations at your event if your guests prefer to give in person.

Social Media Posts

Invite friends and colleagues along to share in a curry.

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Find a Curry (in a hurry)

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Join Stephanie Rice


I love curry. It is absolutely one of my all-time favourite meals –it always has been! I can’t wait to get behind the Great Australian Curry this year and enjoy an awesome feast in support of such an important cause –giving families a hand up through Opportunity International Australia.”

Join My Kitchen Rules' Valerie & Courtney

We loved sharing our family’s favourite recipes with everyone on My Kitchen Rules and we’re so excited to now be able to cook them for the Great Australian Curry so we can help raise funds for Opportunity International Australia and the incredible work they do helping families around the world leave poverty behind."

Wish you could take part in the Great Australian Curry but just can't this year?
Donate instead and give a hand up to families in need.

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Recipes for Success

From mouth-watering curries and spicy sides to flavour-packed rice dishes and breads to impress, we’ve got a bunch of fun recipes to help make your meal a success!


Fragrant Thai green curry

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Lehsuni palak paneer - compliments from Babu Ji

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Bengali curry of king prawns, spinach, coconut & turmeric

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Indonesian lamb curry

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Indonesian Rendang curry

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Madras beef curry

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Traditional Indian raita - cool the palate

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Great Australian Curry

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Wish you could take part in the Great Australian Curry but just can't this year?
and give a hand up to families in need.