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Your gift helps Opportunity reach out to families in need.

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We provide loans to families as a HandUp to help them grow their business.

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The new business helps generate the income they need to afford food, shelter, medicine and education.

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The loan is repaid and recycled to help other families grow businesses.

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We keep you updated on how your gift is changing lives.

How a HandUp helped Frederica

A HandUp can provide a family with clean drinking water

In the red-dirt village of Soe in West Timor, Indonesia, Frederica Tahun couldn’t afford proper meals for her four children, or even just rice some days. Sometimes they lived in the dark. But worst of all – Frederica struggled to afford clean drinking water. The dirty water sources available would make her family sick.

Because of a loan thanks to someone like you, Frederica started a small business selling cakes and breads she makes herself. Her life changed. She now can afford nutritious meals for her family and the water they buy is clean and safe to drink.


Your monthly gift will help families like these get the HandUp they need to grow a business… and leave poverty behind.

Herminigilbo Dulatre

It has been a tough few years for Herminigilbo and his family. Four years ago, his wife passed away, leaving him with his five children. When there has been no money left, they have had to eat wild roots they found growing on the side of the road. "It made us dizzy," he says. Learn More.

Edita Muhi

Edita Muhi lives with her husband and their four children in a room in her mother’s house – a small one-room structure in Pagbilao, the Philippines. Across the road is a humble eatery and sari sari (grocery) store, a small business that Edita hopes will give them the income they need to leave poverty behind. Learn More.

Dewi Andryani

Dewi has stood with her two children, Apit (11) and Nabila (6), outside a shop crying because of hunger. In front of them she has had to beg the shop owner to give them food just so they could eat. When her children started crying, she became even more upset. She wondered how life could be so unfair. Learn More.


In a crowded slum in the city of Vijay Nagar, India, sits a basic two-room structure – home to 23-year old Imrana, her husband Aslam and their two children. There are very few belongings in their home. But it’s the basic things, like food and education that concerns Imrana. Learn More.

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Families are able to break the cycle of poverty for generations.


Your gift is multiplied when loans are repaid and used again.