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Build Healthy Communities

Marginalised and vulnerable, families living in poor communities face immense challenges – life-threatening illness and child mortality to name just two. By strengthening communities through health education and improved water and sanitation, you can start a ripple of transformation.

About this project

It can be difficult to get ahead in a rural village or slum community. Limited infrastructure means families struggle each day to access clean water, proper toilets and sanitation or medicine when they’re sick. In India, inadequate health and hygiene practices and limited access to clean water and sanitation mean infections and illnesses such as diarrhoea are part of everyday life. A project training local women like Saleha (pictured left) to become community health leaders is changing that. Educated in illness prevention, basic first aid and nutrition, these local health leaders are able to train hundreds of households in their villages, improving the wellbeing of whole communities.

Your Support Will Help

You can bring about long-lasting change in poor communities by supporting:
  • Health, hygiene and illness education
  • Improved clean water and sanitation practices.
By investing in a community, you can empower family after family and give them new hope for the future.

Funding will be directed to the area of greatest need within the proposed program. Sometimes programs may change in scope and in this case, Opportunity may redirect funding to a suitable alternative program.