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Deliver Innovation

Your support helps us find new and tailored solutions to improve livelihoods and increase financial inclusion for families in rural areas.

About this project

Opportunity serves more than 2.5 million families in India, a country where domestic violence rates are high. In fact, 1 in 2 women in India have admitted to experiencing violence in their own homes. And if these women are in abusive relationships, it’s hard for them to be empowered to grow their own small businesses.

An innovative program in India is improving women’s livelihoods by training ‘PeaceMakers’ to identify cases of domestic violence in their communities and supporting women to receive free counselling and legal aid. They also raise awareness and educate communities and schools about women’s rights.

We also provide innovative programs that enable farmers to have their unique needs met through tailored agricultural loans designed around the harvest cycle, crop insurance, training in farming methods and access to bigger markets.

Moreover, as many families living in poverty live in isolated, rural areas, they have limited access to financial services which are often located in town centres. Mobile banking and other technologies help reach these families, who are often the most needy.

By lowering transaction costs and increasing outreach, mobile banking makes loan, savings and remittance funds more accessible, reducing the need for people to spend their limited income travelling to town.

Rather than the traditional method of collecting or distributing loans face-to-face, mobile banking utilises very basic mobile phones to empower people to access their funds from a distance. This can involve text messages that alert people to the availability of their funds. On receiving the message, loan recipients are able to go to the nearest accredited agent – which may be a small corner store nearby – and take out their loan in cash.

Your Support Will Help

By delivering innovations to women, farmers and marginalised communities, your support helps:
  • Reduce domestic violence in India
  • Provide agricultural loans and training to under-resourced farmers
  • Provide mobile savings and loans to families in rural areas
  • Develop remittance technology.

Funding will be directed to the area of greatest need within the proposed program. Sometimes programs may change in scope and in this case, Opportunity may redirect funding to a suitable alternative program.