Enhance Impact

When your goal is to give families a hand up out of poverty, you want to be sure that what you’re doing is making a real difference. By supporting initiatives that assess the impact of programs, you can be sure that you’re helping refine and enhance the impact of your support.

About this project

Opportunity is a market leader in Social Performance Management, an innovative way of measuring and assessing the impact programs are having on families living in poverty. It’s how we show that our work is having a positive effect on communities in need.

By better understanding the needs of the people we are reaching, we can demonstrate people’s progress out of poverty over time. In doing so, we’re able to refine programs and further increase their impact, ensuring that we’re making the most of your support and truly transforming people’s lives.

Your Support Will Help

Supporting impact measurement helps ensure:
  • That people in need are being reached
  • Interventions are meeting people’s needs, protecting their wellbeing and giving them a voice
  • Transformation is taking place, changing people’s lives for the better.

Funding will be directed to the area of greatest need within the proposed program. Sometimes programs may change in scope and in this case, Opportunity may redirect funding to a suitable alternative program.