Great news - all donations made to our 2017 Christmas Appeal will be matched $ for $ thanks to a few of our generous supporters .

About this project

When Yacinta and Martin’s oldest daughter graduated from high school, they desperately wanted to send her to university. But living in poverty in a remote village in Indonesia, there wasn’t much possibility of that happening. Determined, they sold the only valuable items they owned – two saws they used to cut wood they would sell at market. With the saws went their only source of income.

Yacinta and Martin did their best, but it was a struggle just to provide their younger children with meals and keep them in school. Their only clean water source was kilometres away. There was no electricity, and during cold nights, they would get sick, despite them foregoing blankets to keep their little ones warm.

But in February this year, Yacinta received a small loan of Rp.2.5 million (A$234) which she used to buy a replacement saw and thread to start a weaving business.

Without this small loan – made possible through the giving of someone like you – nothing would have changed. They would still be without meals, without warmth, without safe water to drink.

Please, take a moment to ask yourself… are you able to help families like Yacinta’s this Christmas.

Please, donate today and have your gift matched.

Your Support Will Help

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