Help a mother in poverty this tax time so she can send her children to school

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Mummy did not get an education, but I will.”

Sneha, 12 years old

At 30 years old, Raksha is unable to either read or write.

Growing up in poverty, her father – an alcoholic – threw away their income on liquor. Her mother worked as a labourer to earn money to feed her children, but there was never enough for anything else. School was a luxury that was out of their reach. Today, the only thing Raksha knows how to write is her name.

Life is a struggle for Raksha’s family. There is no toilet in their home. Their only tap is a communal water pump. There is no bed – just a sleeping mat on the floor. Too often they lay their heads down with hungry stomachs."

But Raksha is resolute: her daughters Sneha and Rutuja will not know poverty the way she has - they will get an education. She is using a small loan from Opportunity to grow a business making tiffin lunch boxes, cooking curries to earn the income she needs to pay for school fees, uniforms and textbooks.

It’s clear – Raksha may not be able to read or write, but with a hand up from someone like you, she is undoubtedly rewriting the future for her daughters.

Today, you can rewrite the future for families like Raksha's. Right now, 5 million girls in South Asia like Sneha aren't in school. They are desperately waiting for an opportunity to go - but they need your help. With an education, these children can create a whole new future for themselves.

But without it, that future is already written. Today, you can rewrite it.

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5 million
girls in South Asia aren’t in school
of people in India live on less than $2.50 a day
of small loans are repaid to help more families out of poverty over time