This Christmas, show children like Ravi they are more than a statistic.

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Fifteen years ago in a village in India, Sujata gave birth to her first child — a boy named Ravi.

Born into a world of poverty, Ravi was likely to take his place in a row of statistics: one of the 60+ million children globally not in school, one of the 32% without access to sanitation and one of the millions of people in India whose family struggles to survive on less than $3.20 a day.

But the thing is, he didn’t. And it was all thanks to a small loan.

Ravi was still young when his mother Sujata heard about the small loans being provided to families in her community. She immediately applied, and with the funds, she invested in a cow and other supplies to start a small dairy business.

Today, her daily income has grown to Rp.500 (A$9.69), much higher than the few dollars more than half the population of India struggles to survive on. The income she earns has meant Ravi and his sister Anchal (10) can go to school.

They are not one of the statistics

Sadly, too many of Ravi’s friends are. There are so many families who right now are waiting for their opportunity to break the cycle of poverty in their children’s lives – but they need a hand up. Without it, they will stay as one of these statistics. you able to make a special gift this Christmas to show other children like Ravi and Anchal that they matter?

With your gift, you can help families start their own businesses, earn regular incomes and leave poverty behind. You can show them they are more than a statistic.

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