Delhi, India

Seema lives in a slum just outside Delhi in India. She struggled to feed her 5 children. They rarely ate 3 meals a day. Their home is a makeshift hut, with a dirt floor and a blanket hanging as a door.

But Seema dreamed of giving more to her children.

Thanks to a small loan from people like you, today Seema is running her own business – a roadside shop. Her children are in school and she is working hard to move them out of the slum.

Your gift today of $35, $70 or $140 will help more mothers like Seema start a business and have their dreams for their children come true, helping them leave poverty behind – for good.

Help another mother in poverty start a business today.


When mothers earn money from their own businesses, they can give their children 3 meals a day, every day.


You'll help mothers send their children to school, so they can begin to break the cycle of poverty forever.


As loans are paid back, your gift can be re-loaned to help other mothers, many times over.

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