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Give family, friends and colleagues a gift with meaning! A Something Bigger gift will not only bring a smile to the face of those close to you but also to the face of a mother, father or child living in poverty. Each gift represents a common item bought with a small loan, helping a family in need start their own business, earn a regular income and leave poverty behind. Now that's something bigger!

How It Works

  1. Choose your gifts and check out – every gift is tax-deductible!
  2. We'll send you your gift cards within 5 working days. Gift cards include a picture, short description of your gift and space to write a personal message – give this to family and friends and let them know they've been a part of something bigger.
  3. Your gift has an impact! While all listed gifts are common business items purchased with small loans, Opportunity International Australia doesn't actually purchase a piglet and send it overseas. Funding is directed to wherever it's needed most. A small business impacts one family which equates to, on average, five people.

Choose your gifts

  • Quack a smile - $36

    Get your 220 ducks in a row, because that's how many you'll get for $36 in the Philippines! Raising these fluffy ducklings until they're grown, families living in poverty can sell duck eggs for use in cooking or as street snacks. Forget about putting all your eggs in one basket, the income generated from these feathered friends helps pay for food, sanitation and school fees. Egg-cellent!

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  • Bring on the buffaloan - $50

    What's a buffaloan you ask? Good question! For just $50, the buffaloan helps feed a buffalo for a month in India. When it's fed, healthy and ready to produce milk, the buffalo helps families in living in poverty earn a regular income and afford food, clean water and proper shelter.

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  • This little piggy went to market - $55

    They're cute and cuddly, but piglets also provide a common source of income for people living in poverty in the Philippines. Once they're grown, families can breed the pigs to start a small farm, using the income it earns to put food on the table and send their children to school. For just $55, that's a pig that’s sure to fly!

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  • Peas on earth - $96

    Peace on earth is a dream most of us have, but here's a more practical variation – 'peas'! By using seeds and fertiliser to start a small vegetable farm, families living in poverty in Indonesia are able sell their fresh produce at market, using the income they earn to provide for their children. For $96, you can't beet that!

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  • A sight for saw eyes - $209

    Equipped with items such as a saw, wood, nails, hammer and chisel for $209, a person living in poverty in Indonesia is able to start a carpentry business, building structures and making furniture. The income they make helps them keep a roof over their heads, food on the table and their children in school. Who woodn't like that?

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  • What's cooking? - $275

    Gourmets, gastronomes and masterchefs will love this one – or anyone else who's feeling peckish! Stocked up with ingredients and cooking equipment, families living in poverty in India are able to start a cooking stall – selling dishes and snacks to passers-by. As well as keeping their community fed, this gift helps them earn an income to keep food on the table at home. $275 – now that's cooking up some serious change!

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  • A-boat time to end poverty - $321

    Fish are aplenty in the waters of Indonesia, but without a boat or equipment to catch them, people living in poverty have no hope of taking advantage of this abundant natural resource. With a boat for $321, they're able to start a fishing business, netting a regular income to provide for their family.

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  • Like a good yarn? - $504

    Woven fabric is used for a number of items in India – sarees, handbags and scarves to name a few. $504 is enough to provide a handloom to a person living in poverty, giving them a tool to weave beautiful, handmade pieces and earn a regular income. Now that's some material change!

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  • Nice wheels - $1000

    It might not be of the classic or sporty variety, but this little engine is of huge value to a person living in poverty. $1,000 is enough to purchase a tricycle in the Philippines, an automobile a family in poverty can use to start a taxi service to transport people around town. This sweet ride is enough to put poverty in the slow lane!

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